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Nunley Ranch Bulldogges were used as the examples of the OEB Breed.

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Nunley's Tuff Stuff "Tuffy"

 Nunley's Amber Jewel  "Littlebit"

  A breed called "Fiest", were developed in Great Britain in 1820. They are believed to be a cross between the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Manchester Terrier. 
In the 1800's, the sport of ratting was popular among the common people. They would wager on which dog could kill the most rats in a given time. This usually took place in landfill or rubbish disposal  areas. The (Rat Terrier) "Fiest" made a perfect addition to this competition. They were quick, fierce, and able to get into small burrows.  As more settlers came to America, they brought these little dogs with them. whippet or It.grayhound, and beagle were added to enhance the hunting ability of the little terriers.

Named "Rat Terrier" by Teddy Roosevelt, they found that the Rat Terrier could adapt to different climates and terrain.

Little-Bit with her daughter Kit-Kat

Both are Dark Brown/tan/white

The Rat Terrier is very adapt at  chasing/treeing squirrels. This comes naturally to the little dogs having been bred to chase rats. The Rat Terrier makes a perfect farm hand, able to rid an infested barn of vermin in just minutes!

Nunley Ranch Rat Terriers are very able hunters. Our larger Toys [ours weigh about 6 to 10 lbs] and Miniatures [ ours are about 11 to 16 lbs] are perfect for varmint control, rats, gophers, moles, squirrels, ect.

"the crew" with their catch's,
after a day in the "field"



even the young pups love to Hunt..

7 wk. old pups first catch..lol [mom helped.].

"Buffy and Tuffy" playing


"Heckel & Jeckel"

Tri-color miniatures



"Nunleys Tuff Stuff"



"Scooter" "Tuffy"
tiny toy & miniature

black/tan/white [classic tri-colors]
"Scooter"  &  "Tuffy"

"Peaches & Cream"
tiny toy female - liver/tan/white.

"Classic" Look
Nunley Ranch Rat Terriers are also
 very, very, loving family companions
They make great house dogs.
They are happy just being with you.

out our side door

Just Keeping watch

Nunley's Blue Smoke aka "Smokie"



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